Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang region trekking lies in the northern side of the Kathmandu. It is also the northern border of Nepal with Tibet. Langtang is regarded as one of the most beautiful valleys that exist in this planet. The path trekkers follow in this trekking region is mostly within the territory of Langtang national park. Langtang national park also has number of high peaks. Human habitat is found within the park area. Tamang people are the main ethnic group living here. These people depend on the park for timber and firewood. Roughly about 25% of the park area is forested.  The climatic zone varies from subtropical to alpine. This forest is famous for ferns and orchids. These regions give us the chance to climb small peaks and glaciers which is very rare at such low elevation.

In Langtang there is also a sacred lake called Gosainkunda where both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit here during full moon in august. There are many active monasteries which are sacred to Buddhist pilgrims.Here we not only get to see high peaks various flora and fauna but also the remote villages where life is so hard. Though there are rumors of yeti seen in the area it has not been proved yet.


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